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Health & Hygiene Policy 2017

  • We operate a fresh, clean “1 sponge per person” policy when face painting to stop the spread of bacteria and germs.
  • We regularly clean our hands using anti-bacterial soap during each booking.
  • We will not paint a person with a cold, a cold sore, a rash, or over visible cuts and bruises, open spots or other skin irritations or contagious/infectious illnesses. Using their discretion, the artist may offer to paint a hand, arm, or other body part instead of the client’s face.
  • The artist will not face paint a child who is not a willing participant – this includes sleeping children or children who seem unaware of what is going on, including very young children (under 3 years) and babes in arms.
  • As a general rule, the child MUST be able to sit in the chair unaided, and indicate verbally that they would like their face painted, and sit still enough to be painted. This is for the child’s own safety. If they cannot do this, perhaps they are still too young to fully enjoy face painting.
  • All the paints, glitters and gels used are of high professional quality. They are non-toxic. They are manufactured using cosmetically approved ingredients. They are compliant with EU and FDA regulations. They are water based.
  • All brushes and equipment are cleaned and disinfected thoroughly between bookings.
  • The artist changes the water frequently during a painting session. There is no need to add disinfectant to the paint water as the paint already contains agents, which act against yeast, mould, and bacteria.
  • The artist reserves the right to choose whom to paint (or not!), and what to paint (or not!).

Please don’t hesitate to ask for more information.

If you fall asleep, we'll have to stop painting you until you wake up again! :) 

If you fall asleep, we'll have to stop painting you until you wake up again! :) peacock.jpg


Nina is a member of CAFABA since 2010. 

CAFABA is the hub for face and body painters, henna artists, and those looking to connect with temporary body art professionals in Canada. CAFABA's website www.cafaba.caoutlines their mandates and standards, to help establish a safe and professional foundation for all artists to work from.