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What if we want more than 1 artist at an event? For example, two face painters, or 1 face painter and one glitter tattoo artist?

The first artist will invoice at $120 p/hour, my standard rates.  
If available, a second artist may be added at only $100 per hour.
For example, 
Artist 1 = $120 per hour
Artist 2 = $100 per hour
All extra artists are covered under my insurance policy, and paint & create to the high standard I expect! 

Do you offer discounts for charity and non-profit events? 

Yes, I do. If you are hosting a fundraising event for a registered charity or non-profit, I offer a special rate of $100 per hour - saving you $20 per hour. 
Some fundraisers also like set out a donation bucket next to my stand, asking a nominal amount (eg $8) ‘per face’ from their clients, which helps them raise funds. 

Do you offer other discounts? 
I do NOT discount for bookings of 1 day or less. 
If you have a Mon-Fri event and live in Whistler, it is possible to book for just 1 hour of service too: perfect for small birthday parties of 12-15 (full face designs) or 15-20 (quick designs) guests. 
I am also open to the idea of barter or trade for goods and services of an equal value. Try me! 

Model: Julz Iris     Photography: David

Model: Julz Iris     Photography: David

Do you do one-off paintings for individuals? 

Yes, I do. Depending on what exactly it is you want, expect to pay $20 for a one-off face paint or glitter tattoo, providing you can come to me. If you want me to come to you, the usual hourly rates apply. 

I don't see my location listed in your travel section - will you still be able to come to my event? 

Yes, probably! I will travel to most places, provided you are willing to pay reasonable travel expenses. This may include a hotel for the night for bookings that finish later than 8pm. Email me at to find out!