World Body Painting Festival, Austria 2017

It's official! I have been accepted as a pro artist at the World Body Painting Festival in Austria for summer 2017! 

I will be competing in two different categories - in the 'World Awards Body Painting, Brush & Sponge' and also the 'World Awards Face Painting' category. If I'm going to Austria all the way from Canada I might as well be as involved as possible, right? 

The festival is amazing: check it out here: 

Model: Rosyln Fuller / Photography: Presence Photography Ireland

Model: Rosyln Fuller / Photography: Presence Photography Ireland

I was a participant 8 years ago, in 2009, with a design based on Celtic Legend that I worked out with Rosyln Fuller (above) in Dublin, and then painted on Melina, a volunteer model at the festival (below). We placed 9th in the Amateur Brush & Sponge category, and I was so proud of the best I could offer at the time, I'm now 8 years into the industry and have a whole lot more talent, skill and experience to offer! 

WBPF 2007

The 2009 festival was amazing: my mind was blown with the natural beauty of Seeboden in Austria, the incredible castle-party of Body Circus, meeting my face & body painting idols in person (Carolyn Roper! Nick & Brian Wolfe! Mark Reid! Craig Tracy! Jinny!), the incredible friendliness and generosity of artists (thanks Paula Southern, Daniella, Lucie Brouillard!), the perseverance and creativity of models, the sheer number of photographers...

I've been yearning to go back ever since, and 2017 is the year. 8 years of experience and practice later, I'm finally ready to go again, and BRING IT ON!